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Hotel pilin company cultural activity center, there are outdoor
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Hotel pilin company cultural activity center, there are outdoor
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1 one of the world's most hotel intercontinental hotel intends to launch a new hotel brand in Hong Kong

According to foreign media reports, the world's largest hotel operators intercontinental hotel said on Tuesday, plan before the end of the year introduced advanced in Hong Kong in the end hotel brand.

The company chief executive Andrew Cosslett told a press conference, the company also not as the name brand, the brand's positioning will bound at the high-end hotel chain brand Crowne Plaza and luxury hotel brand between InterContinental.

The company plans to put in the next few years in Asia, India and the Middle East and other major emerging markets business scale increase more than one times.

According to the guest room meter, this company is the world's largest hotel operators.

2. Extends to the sea hotel 10 place the most suitable for the boy confession of love love the holy land

To a no city, no road, no high-rise island, leave all the telephone, computer and television, supramundane complex, immersed in the original sunshine, beach, sea world. Sunlight bright and warm, the sea blue green glittering and translucent, clear water ShaBai in a dream world. In a deserted beach, wading stroll, sunshine warm on the body, sea water cool in the feet QingYang, small crab on the beach run quickly, the fish to swim to the bank not strangers.

Such an environment a yearning for love. Any a couple walking in the coconut palm beach, were foil for a pair of its people, especially when it is hot

3. Serviced suite features

The room features and facilitiesTropical rain forest type shower, in part rooms are equipped with circular bath crockCoffee and impact tea equipment24 hour room serviceElectric kettleCable and satellite TV channels